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MATRIX EXPLORER - UT99 Mod by Cleveyus

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MATRIX EXPLORER - UT99 Mod by Cleveyus

KIOM // Creations
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for UT99
by Cleveyus.


Watch the Trailer here :
Watch the Full Walkthrough here :

1 - To install the game :
Drag & Drop the files in the dedicated directory.

By default in C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament\....

- Textures files in the Textures folder
- Maps files in the Maps folder (Choose French or English version)
- Sounds in the Sounds folder
- System file in the System folder.

2 - To start the game :
Go in the "Maps" folder then launch the Map called : 001Chambre2Neo

Free your mind and enjoy.


For any question, comment or message contact me here :

Thank you and enjoy.


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All necessary files to play the Matrix Explorer Mod for UT99 by Cleveyus.

29.5 MB
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